Looking forward to picking up my new April 2017 Zero S 13.0 build tomorrow! My delivery rep mentioned this important update so I thought I'd let you know too.

Important Charging Recommendations Update FOR 2013 and Newer Zero Motorcycles (Note: doesn't apply for 2012 and older)

I did a quick summary below for quick reading/refresher. Full details here.

* Once charged they no longer recommend keeping it plugged in to help maximize the performance and longevity of the Z-ForceŽ Power Packs (based on a wealth of real-world power pack performance data and insights from the power pack cell provider.)
* Zero is now recommending that owners do not keep their motorcycles plugged into an AC power source once charged.
- REGULAR USE: Recharge & disconnect (plug in monthly to top back up and a few hours prior to a ride)
- LONG-TERM STORAGE (more than 30 days): Store unplugged at ~ 60% state of charge, charge back to ~ 60% once below 30%. Plug in 24 hours to balance prior to ride
- Never store below 30% state of charge.