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    Reno, NV or Auburn, CA

    Hello from FNG in Reno


    My first post here.

    I just bought myself a DS ZF 6.5 a couple of days ago. IMO, it is the most fun thing I have ever owned. I now own seven motorcycles. But the Zero DS ZF 6.5 is only battery operated vehicle I have ever owned.

    I am the original owner of:

    1971 Black BMW R75/5
    1984 Red Yamaha Venture
    2002 Yellow Suzuki DR200SE
    2013 Blue Triumph Trophy SE
    2016 Orange/Black Kawasaki Versys 650 LT
    2016 Orange Moto Guzzi Stelvio
    2017 Orange/Black Zero DS ZF 6.5

    I think this is my limit. One bike for every day of the week is enough.

    This new Zero bike is practical for me because I have two houses here in Reno about 20 miles apart and this bike gets me there and back with no issues. I recharge at each house.

    But I am curious about where this bikes gets it's 12 volts from. I think the motor runs from about 100VDC or so. Is there a 12 volt output in the same battery or is another method used for the 12 volts?

    If the headlight was removed, would it make a noticeable difference in range? I notice it's a normal H4 lamp which is 55 watts or so. Left on to draw current when the bike is stopped at traffic lights and such, so I am curious

    I am not out to make any changes, I am just curious about how it works for the 12 volts.

    -Don- Reno, NV

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    Jun 2017
    Reno, NV or Auburn, CA
    I guess this forum isn't very busy. Anyway, I found an unofficial Zero wiring diagram on-line and from it and other info there it looks like I got my own questions answered. By what is shown on the schematic (which could be made clearer, IMO), there is a DC to DC converter for the 13.8 VDC.

    The headlights being on affect the range by about 1% in most cases. Not enough to be concerned with . . . unless you have to push the bike the last half mile!

    -Don- Auburn, CA
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