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    Zero FX Rear Shock Specs

    Hello, I have a 2020 FX and wanting to swap out the rear spring. I like the Showa shock a lot just want a bit stiffer spring. I do use the bike for two up riding every now and then. Do you think a new Hyperco Spring would be ok? I'm not sure of what spring rating I'd need for the weight of the...
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    2020 FX Parts for sale! - SOLD

    Update:::: SOLD!
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    2020 FX Parts for sale! - SOLD

    Hi all, I am doing some work on a 2020 FX 3.6 and have a bunch of parts for sale. First post and I'm not a bot. Just need these things out of the shop! I am located in Bellingham, WA. I am happy to ship and can get quotes for you on anything. I can send pics as well. Bike is brand new, has 20...