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    Why is this forum so dead?

    I am just curious why nobody posts in this forum. All the Zeros are in the electric motorcycle forum, but no activity here. What will it take to get some activity here? -Don- Reno, NV (I own two Zeros)
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    12V Accessory socket

    What does the connector for the 12 volt accessory socket kit (10-0750401) plug into? What is the location? Bike is a 2017 DS 6.5. -Don- Reno, NV
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    Hello from FNG in Reno

    Hi. My first post here. I just bought myself a DS ZF 6.5 a couple of days ago. IMO, it is the most fun thing I have ever owned. I now own seven motorcycles. But the Zero DS ZF 6.5 is only battery operated vehicle I have ever owned. I am the original owner of: 1971 Black BMW R75/5 1984 Red...