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  1. Charlie McReynolds

    Yosemite Ride

    Is anyone in the 209 area interested in a Yosemite run this summer?
  2. Charlie McReynolds

    Pairing IPhone to Zero SRS

    Thank you, I got it paired with your help and Zero factory support. At first even with Zero talking me though it the bike would not pair. Then everything clicked and now it works every time. Thank again for your help.
  3. Charlie McReynolds


    So my bike needed heated grips installed by the dealership 61 miles away from me. I left my house at 100% charge and arrived at the dealership at 30% charge. I was running 70 miles per hour on cruise control. I think at this speed of 70 mph you have real world range of 85 miles. The plug in app...
  4. Charlie McReynolds

    Pairing IPhone to Zero SRS

    I finally got my I phone to pair. Works good now, thank you Zero support!
  5. Charlie McReynolds

    At home charging using 240V outlet without power tank

    You have to have the J1772 connection plug. I recently contacted Zero about this. If you have the above connector they say you can charge with it both 3kw and 6KW. It’s not recommended to charge 100% all the time. I have my bike set to automatically turn off at 85%. This helps with battery life.
  6. Charlie McReynolds

    Good bye gas bikes

    I use my SRS to commute to work each day. I have had many motorcycles in my life and I have been riding since I was 13 years old. This 2020 SRS is a badass for sure. Many guys look over at me with the gas bikes with judging eyes. After they catch up at the next light they always ask me (where...
  7. Charlie McReynolds

    Heated grips

    I just had my SRS heated grips installed. They work great. I recommend doing this upgrade if you don’t have it already. Has 3 temperature adjustments. Works easy on mode controls also.
  8. Charlie McReynolds

    Pairing IPhone to Zero SRS

    I also did the most current update on my iPhone 8. Still no luck. I downloaded a Bluetooth app to see if the bike was transmitting and it is my Bluetooth app showed it. But the phone don’t list it in settings. Frustrating.
  9. Charlie McReynolds

    Pairing IPhone to Zero SRS

    Thank you. I have it in pairing mode but I cannot get it to show in my Bluetooth settings. Still no luck. I will try the iPhone app you talked about. Thank you.
  10. Charlie McReynolds

    Pairing IPhone to Zero SRS

    So I follow the directions and put the bike in pairing mode. Got my phone in pairing mode. Made sure the zero app was off, they say that can cause a issue if the app is on. But still can’t get my bike to pair with my iPhone. If anyone knows how to get this done I would appreciate it very much...