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    Charging at home

    I have a Burgman 650 for longer hauls, using the Zero for a 200 mile trip is kinda like using a screwdriver for a hammer imho. Proper tool for the job kinda thing.
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    Charging at home

    not on the zero, it's for local, I don't have enough butt to sit on that seat for long hauls
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    DSR ultra hypermiling test, range algorithm research

    Duude, you are gonna end up powering the whole grid from feedback off your battery!
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    Charging at home

    Geez, Faster charging?? mine only takes about 6 seconds, plug it in, 3 seconds, unplug it 3 seconds, I'genally don't just stand there and wait for it to charge, there's refreshing beverages need consuming, wimmin need chasing, books need reading , wimmin need chasing, and some not important...
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    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    If I don't remember the birth (life) before this birth, and won't remember this birth (life) at the next birth, why would i be concerned if I continue to have births, ultimately it means I get to eat more cookies, even though I won't know it. Old age is nothing to fear or avoid if one has...
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    purchased a 2021 sr 14.4 2 weeks ago, about 500 miles on it now. I'm not gonna complain that the seat is too soft, or there is too much storage, I'm coming off a Burgman 650 (until I can replace the belt) the 650 will be my distance bike and the zero my daily. I'm in central Florida, so, a...
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    Zero x info or reviews wanted

    dunno where you are from, sorry I can't provide answers, but can tell you if yo are from the tampa florida area, Xtreme powersports will offer ablsoutely no service after sale
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    Why is this forum so dead?

    the merger itself is another indication of unsustainability, like chrysler corporation, it just didn't have what it takes, Polaris beware!
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    Looking for FXS new fork seals (2016 model) ...

    My suzuki 650 shows part numbers for 2 items as oem, but neither are the actual item, kinda stinks to order an item wait 3 weeks to get it, it's wrong, but it cost 4 dollars and who's gonna return that. Postage and shipping is more. Not having a suzuki dealership is another reason I was...
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    Why is this forum so dead?

    Hi , Fifty3 Ihave a couple posts explaining why I m here, I'm 63 years old and am hoping to have a decent electric bike before I am too old to ride, I posted a bunch of questions to get some information about buying a Zero, My burgman 650 is my 4th bike, but I started riding late, at about 50...
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    Seasoned owner

    my gf and your Vulcan!
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    joined today, lotsa questions

    I am looking into purchasing a sf, I want the 220 mile range, fast charging is no attraction, as I am real slow, I need the 31 inch seat height as my fambly jools hang pretty low to the ground (i'm short), I'm looking for information on (1) the dealership on 301 in Tampa florida, (2) if a...
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    Why is this forum so dead?

    it still took 2 tries to get a confirmation email recieved, New guy here , joined today 30 sep 2020