Anyone own a DS?


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I am reserving mine tomorrow, but I'm guessing it will take a while to deliver to Canada. Is there anyone who has driven one? This will be my first electric motorcycle, and I'm excited for spring!
I have driven the 2010, 2011 and the new 2012 Zero DS. The new 2012 is by far my favorite with the better range and the power of the new 72 volt system. The DS is to me the most comfortable with the upright sitting position. I have a new 2012 Zero DS in my order that will be delivered to my showroom and for sale this Monday February 6th.
Welcome to the forum! I've heard that they made some good improvements to the off-roading abilities for the DS. I should be getting mine in a few weeks.
Sounds like my DS is scheduled to be built on the 24th, and I should get delivery sometime in early March! Can hardly wait! (And the weather here is really nice right now...)
KBF, did you get your DS yet ?

Apparently it was on the truck yesterday, leaving the factory, so it will take about a week to make it to Canada. I just hope there are no issues crossing the border! And the spring melt is coming just in time...
There was a delay on the production line, which turned out okay since we had a blizzard at the beginning of March. :)
Richard over on Glitch has a 2012 S that experienced a "glitch" which required reprogramming the controller and replacing the throttle assembly. Maybe the delay was due to Zero implementing those changes on the current and following production runs ? Here's hoping yours runs fine out-of-the-box.

My XU was on the assembly line as of last week, I *might* get it before the end of March...
There were reports on another e-bike forum about 2012 Zero's, controller programming and throttle assembly replacements (the bike would essentially shutdown). Maybe that's why yours was delayed, they were working out the bugs before releasing bikes that would require recall work later on.
That would make sense. And if that's the case I definitely prefer to have them fix it ahead of time - that's definitely wise for everyone involved. Could you link to the thread on this other forum for me please? I'm always interested in this kind of info. Thanks!
The 3-page thread is here: Glitch

There's actually a couple of owners with early production run bikes that had the controller and other replaced/reprogrammed etc on Page 2.
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So I received my DS last week, via Capitol Motosports in Winnipeg, and it is quite impressive. Capitol was very helpful; they even helped me put together my newly-purchased hitch carrier (I was originally going to borrow my Dad's truck, but it didn't work out that day, so I quickly stopped at Princess Auto on my way there).

I was crazy busy the day I picked it up, so my first ride was at night - a perfect evening with way above seasonal temperature. I instantly fell in love with its quiet hum and zippy acceleration. If it didn't have headlights automatically on, it would be the ultimate stealth ride :)

My kids absolutely love it - my 18-month-old is addicted to rides. One afternoon they took turns riding on our back lawn, and she cried every time I took her off, so we ended up with her in front and my older kids behind! I like the fact that I don't have to worry about hot mufflers, crazy vibrations and noise, or smelly exhaust.

I have done a bit of trail riding in my bush, and although I made my trails for mountain biking, I found that it is doable with the DS. This year I'll make them a bit wider and try to get rid of more brush. I have the belt drive so I'll stay out of the really heavy mud - I don't mind; I much prefer the low maintenance and low noise.

I plan on using it mainly for my 34-mile round-trip commute to work, so I'll post in a few weeks how that's going.
I've driven it for a while now (barring the freezing days we've had here), and I am very impressed. I had a bit of trouble getting it registered due to some MPI complications, but it got ironed out and I have it licensed. (Manitoba's Public Insurance hates motorcycles to begin with, and they are very picky about making sure PST is remitted to the provincial government).

The ride is remarkably smooth. It's nice on gravel, but it is great on pavement. No lurches or shifting, just crank the throttle and go! It is a super light bike so when it's windy (I had it out in 50 kph winds last week, not on purpose) I really needed to lean into the cross-wind. But when my back was to the wind I was flying (and traveling faster than advertised, below full throttle) :)

I wouldn't mind a slightly larger windscreen, although I realize it isn't primarily a street bike, even a couple of inches higher would help. I got the Corbin low seat, but the original seat is a bit softer, so I'm not sure which I like better. I am 5'9", so I'm on my toes with the soft one.

I have several co-workers that are motorcycle fanatics, and they absolutely drool over it when I take it to work. I love whizzing past people silently, the 'walkers' seem to appreciate me not ruining the quiet countryside. I am completely hooked and I wish this had been around years ago!
I'm approaching winter now, but no snow yet. I drove it in almost-freezing rain yesterday and it was fine... I am considering winter tires.