DSR 2022 - Initial Thoughts ...


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Hi everyone,

It looks like it has been a while since anyone has posted, so I hope I get some traction with this post.

I've been in the market for an electric motorcycle for a while and I finally landed on the DSR 2022. I was looking for something that mashed up a cafe racer with a dirtbike, and there are a lot of dirt roads and offroad trails here, so the dual-sport serves me well.

My initial thoughts, I love the bike overall, the design, the torque, and the handling. The drawbacks after a week are (mostly) the app, the screen, and (maybe) the rearview mirrors (my shoulders seem to be in the way, but I wouldn't want to change the design so I'm on the fence).

-Design/aggressive look
-The speed/torque
-Solid low center of gravity, handling, shocks
-I'm comfortable with the seating and position (some people aren't)
-Ease of use and riding

-The app simply aggregates me and leaves me wanting more
-The custom dashboard feature on the app does not work on the DSR which was a big dissapointment
-There's no GPS; general lack of screen customizability; it's like programming a watch from 1985
-My rearview mirrors are 80% useless for me
-I was hoping there was a reverse mode (not a big deal but would be a nice to have)

I'm just wondering what other people's experiences have been with the DS/R. Have they improved the app for the past couple of years? Any inside info that you've heard of?