hi...just bought my first zero...2022 SR.


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I am 63 years old and have been riding since I was 11. I have had many motorcycles over the years, street, dirt, and dual sport. 4 years ago I bought my first electric bike, a 2018 Alta supermoto, and fell hard for electric bikes. I then put an electric motor on an occ stingray bicycle, got a Sur Ron and upped it to 72 volts and bought another Alta, a 2017 mx, I recently sold 7 ice bikes and decided it's time to go for more range electrically. I looked at Energica and lightning but really fell for the 2022 zero sr. first impression is that it is a wonderful bike, not just for an electric bike, a wonderful bike all around. very smooth, almost silent, very well balanced, and pretty quick. I mainly ride back roads and rarely exceed 60 miles on a ride so the 100 mile plus range is fine with me. I may upgrade the range and power settings in the future but right now I'm riding with abs and traction control on until I find how the bike will perform in certain circumstances but first thing will be a rear fender eliminator to get rid of the license plate wheelie bar. does anyone know if a sr/f or sr/t fender eliminator will fit this bike? anyhow any suggestions or heads up on potential issues would be welcome. if I had to have one complaint about the bike it would be that the rear brake pedal isn't where I think it should be...it feels like I have to point my toes under the bike to find the pedal, I will get used to it, other than that CANYON MODE ROCKS! PS...I'm not abandoning ice bikes completely I'm keep ing my Norton, super hawk,xtrainer,lt750 quad and trx250r quad. so 5 electrics and 5 gas burners a nice balance.
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Welcome aboard. This forum is not very active but I check in almost every day anyhow. I hope you have a dealer nearby...Probably biggest complaint from owners is dealer not close by them so it is a pain to get fixed when needed. In the meantime though....enjoy!

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Welcome, I see this forum is not very active, only one way to fix that is to post! Also, dealer locations are a problem over here in Europe too! Good Luck and enjoy!