Looking at a Used Zero S


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Hi all,

I am looking to check out a used 2018 Zero S this week. I don't have much experience with electric vehicles, but I do have a bit of experience with LiPo battery packs and BLDC motor controllers. Nothing on the scale of a motorbike. I don't expect to tear this thing apart and test all the components so I am not looking for a how-to from that perspective, just some general tips to watch out for with the bike. So far this is what I am thinking of testing.

Visually inspect drive belt, fine cracks or missing chunks.
Visually inspect final driven pulley, looking for chipped teeth or other warping.
Charge Cycles on the battery
Drive at super low speeds and see if the motor wants to lurch or cause other ride issues.
Battery Balance (I think this is available on the app?)
fit and finish of the attached components (seat, lights, and other bolted on parts)

Anything else I should check out?

Also given you knowledge of these bikes, Assume this thing is in great condition, 10K miles, 13.0 battery, might need basic maintenance (Brakes and belt) What do you think a bike like this is worth.

Thank You in advance,