Looking for FXS new fork seals (2016 model) ...


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My brief : 62 years old, rode up to 14 "thermal" bikes, lucky enough to test and buy a ZERO FXS (2016 model) : Electric propulsion is really "another world" ! I will never switch back ...

Very happy with my FXS (a very light but powerful city toy), now up to 32 000 km (Near Paris, france) , I may have a problem with one fork seal.
Now looking for proper part references, so that I can order it in the US or elsewhere in Europe. Strange French price policy : Transmission belt is 90USD but 150€ here in France !

best, Olivier
My suzuki 650 shows part numbers for 2 items as oem, but neither are the actual item, kinda stinks to order an item wait 3 weeks to get it, it's wrong, but it cost 4 dollars and who's gonna return that. Postage and shipping is more. Not having a suzuki dealership is another reason I was looking at Zero, since they have a dealership nearby, but that dealership doesn't answer any emails or phone calls , so,,,,


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Hello Fifty3,
sorry to answer so late ... Many many thanks ! Time to change seals and front brake disk ...