Quick Charge Overheat?


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Hello All, First Post!
I love my 2018 SR... I mean, I have put over 21k miles on it since I purchased it early 2018.
I've ignored this for a while but the charge curve below is super common for me now, though I used to be able to sustain max ~6kWs.
The curve below is after a car just unplugged, but the curve is the almost the same if I just plugged in and had 6kW available the full charge.
At 10:00 this drop is normal and (if my batt did just hit 95%), it would hold steady at ~3.5-4.5kWtill 95% and then start the normal ramp down.
The fan screams ALL the time.
The "sustained" Wattage is temp dependent.


I think this points at the charger over heating.
With 21K miles, I have done ALOT of charging and all of 2,200kWs Quick LvL 2.

My guess is the fan is or rad is clogged.
Has anyone seen this on higher mile bikes?

Do I have to take it to the dealer or can I take the tank off? I am still in my 5 year warranty.
I know how to take the seat off =oP

Thank you and Hello Again!

Zero SR 2018 with Quick Charge tank