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    Group rides in Santa Cruz mountains anyone?

    Wish I lived in the area...
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    Pairing IPhone to Zero STS

    Yeah v20 seemed to have some issues with connection. I had to delete my app and start over and finally got it to work.
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    New Rider, New Zero, New Adventures

    Hopefully will never need the rolled up mat...
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    Wayne. I have 3 bikes currently and choose to ride the SRS every time. It is absolutely sublime and perfect for me . Range is non issue because I do not have the attention span for more than an hour or so. Charge at home. Wired 240V outlet so it charges twice as fast as 120V. Really no...
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    Srf display stuck

    Any news on this?
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    SR/F home charging sta

    Mikey, What charger cord came with your bike? Is it the turbocord made by Webasto? Looks like on this web page? If so I can get you the part number off of mine for the 240V adapter thing. My charge time was cut to less than half time. I only needed 10% SOC...
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    Installation Advice for dash camera

    Have not installed one of these on the Zero but have one on my Honda and it had a convenient power cord with a USB on the end. So witched power was easy. Hardest part on this install is finding a location for the box and all the wires. Otherwise though is straight forward and works well...
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    SR/F home charging sta

    OK had some time this morning to install the 240V outlet. And indeed the bike IS charging at between 2.9 and 3.2 KW..more than twice as fast as on 120VAC circuit. Not quite the 3.8KW I was hoping for but still was worth the effort. And bonus the charger and cord are not hot like before. Time...
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    SR/F home charging sta

    Well damn. I have all the parts to put in the 240V outlet so I will go on and do it and see what happens. My screen shows around 1.2 to 1.3KW when charging on the 120V outlet and yes the cord and charger box gets warmer than I would like it to. Hoping to see something around 3.8KW on the...
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    SR/F home charging sta

    This is the charger supplied with my bike. Works on either 120V or 240V with a little adapter. By my math it should charge bout 3 times faster with 240V input. 120 x 12 a = 1440KW....240 x 16a = 3840KW. No?
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    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    This might be why people aren't on this forum...:rolleyes:
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    SR/F home charging sta

    Great info. The charger that came with my bike works on both 120VAC and 240 VAC. Thinking about installing a 240 VAC plug in the garage. What will I gain with this charger 120 v vs. 240 v? I am thinking charging twice as fast? Bike is not premium. Standard version.
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    Picked up a 2020 SR/S a couple weeks ago and loving it.